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Based at the family farm just above the picturesque Landacre Bridge, Exmoor Hirelings offers the complete hunter hireling package. Your horse will be delivered to the meet, or will be ready for you to ride out from the farm if the meet is local. Collection at the end of the day's hunting is also included.

Hunting on Exmoor offers the rider a breathtaking and thrilling day with wonderful scenery. Although traditionally a non-jumping country, the riding is exhilarating and riders must be proficient.

Exmoor Hirelings is based within the hunting country of the Devon and Somerset Staghounds, Dulverton West, Dulverton Farmers and the Exmoor Foxhounds. A knowledgeable escort on hunting days can also be arranged.

Hireling price on application – variable according to hunting season.
Please note that hunt caps vary and are in addition to the hireling charge. Liz Matthew's Email